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New Year

Posted by Anji Foster on 1 January 2014

The Summer holidays have provided not only an opportunity to relax with friends and family but also the opportunity to catch up on all of the jobs around the house that got so badly neglected over the busy year. It's funny how being a real estate agent and giving other people advice on how to best present their home for sale does not always translate in to having my own home in ship shape condition!

I suppose it's the difference between the home we live in and the product we are selling. When we prepare our homes for sale the clutter is removed, the dishes are always done and the toys and 'stuff' are cleared from the floor. My clients often remark that they wish they had made some of the changes we assist them with earlier so that they could have enjoyed them! This got me thinking - whilst I don't want to live in an 'open home ready' home all year round, taking a leaf out of my own 'presentation book' might not be a bad idea. So, I'm going to set about getting a list of all of the little things that we can easily improve at our place, not for resale but for enjoyment!