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Chilly Winter

Posted by on 27 July 2014

The temperature this winter hasn't just been chilly on the streets, the Wellington property market has been feeling the temperature drop also.

Whilst winter is known to be the quietest season of the year, most people I have spoken to agree that this winter has been particularly quiet. It is most probably a combination of factors keeping our market wrapped up during the colder months this year. Certainly the changes to the LVR has finally taken a bite. Pre election jitters has some people in a "wait and see" pattern, and the general slow down of the cooler months have all impacted.

The good news however, is that tonight I noticed that the sun was staying above the hills just that little bit longer, and I enjoyed a day of active open homes with some new faces and renewed energy from old faces - a good sign that activity is just around the corner.

My pick is that as soon as we have the election behind us, buyers keep educating themselves about the numerous ways you can still borrow with a less than 20% deposit and the sun  shakes off its winter coat, we'll be enjoying a pleasant spring and summer in the Capital.